Transform any link into a powerful lead-generation tool with LinkSend. Effortlessly capture visitor emails through simplified URLs before they reach their final destination. Experience the magic of LinkSend—simple, swift, and absolutely free.
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A screenshot of the LinkSend interface showing a simplified URL input field and a button to generate the lead capture link.

A graphic showcasing the ease of capturing visitor emails with LinkSend, featuring a visitor entering their email address on a simplified URL page.

An image illustrating the power of LinkSend in transforming any link into a lead-generation tool, featuring a link being converted into a dedicated lead capture page.

A visual representation of the simplicity of LinkSend, featuring a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and a clear call-to-action for capturing visitor emails.

A screenshot demonstrating the speed and efficiency of LinkSend, showcasing a quick and seamless process of capturing visitor emails through simplified URLs.

An illustration symbolizing the cost-effectiveness of LinkSend, featuring a prominent label displaying the word “FREE” on top of a graphic displaying a simplified URL and an email capturing mechanism.

Official Website