Introducing Move API by Move AI: revolutionizing the way you turn 2D videos into 3D motion data with just a single camera! Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  • Hassle-Free Capturing: Say goodbye to complex setups. Now capture full human motion with only one camera.
  • Instant Conversion: Upload your clips and get 3D human motion data in a snap, with the bonus of real-time previews.
  • Flexible Export Options: Whether it’s usdz, usdc, or fbx files, export seamlessly for various applications in animation, gaming, and AR.
  • SDK Convenience: Swift and Python SDKs are at your service, speeding up integration regardless of your preferred coding environment.

Move API opens a myriad of possibilities for AR and gaming devs, animators, and beyond, simplifying the inclusion of lifelike 3D motions into any project.

Enhance your creative toolkit:

  1. Single Camera Magic: Complex equipment is history. Capture movement easily and expand your creative possibilities.
  2. Upload and Go: A quick upload is all it takes for the Move API to transform your footage into dynamic 3D files.
  3. Diverse Format Support: Embrace the flexibility with multiple 3D file formats, boosting your project’s compatibility.
  4. Preview On Demand: Instantly visualize your animation, fine-tune on the fly, and achieve the perfect motion.
  5. Seamless SDK Integration: Embed Move API effortlessly using our robust SDKs, tailored for both Swift and Python environments.
  6. Broad Spectrum of Uses: From enhancing production workflows to crafting immersive experiences, Move API is versatile across the board.

Elevate your projects with Move API, where sophisticated motion capture meets simplicity and speed.

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Official Website