Unleash the power of video content with StreamRAG, your go-to tool for searching and streaming video like never before. In just 2 minutes, create a bespoke personal GPT from your videos to engage in dialogues with your footage—revolutionizing the way you interact with video content.

Discover the precise moments you need across vast video libraries and instantly retrieve clips tailored to your queries. Whether it’s sifting through hours of footage or pinpointing the exact content you’re looking for, StreamRAG offers unparalleled access and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Robust Video Libraries: Effortlessly upload and organize your videos into searchable collections.
  • Instant Video Search: Find and stream video responses or edits with real-time search capabilities.
  • GPT Store Integration: Share your video collections with the world through the ChatGPT store.
  • Summarized Text Answers: Get concise summaries for textual insights from your videos.
  • Essential Video Insights: Extract and highlight critical takeaways from any video segment.

StreamRAG transforms your video interactions, optimizing searchability while delivering immediate, relevant video content directly at your fingertips.

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Official Website