Elevate your audio editing experience with the revolutionary ZETA Audio Editor, now accessible through a convenient 1-click launcher designed for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Thanks to the efforts of @hila8manor and @linoy_tsaban, the tool no longer has a 30-second limit for local runs, allowing for extended editing sessions on all your audio clips.

Dive into the future of audio editing with ZETA - the cutting-edge technology that stands as the first ever to incorporate ddpm inversion methodology for modifying audio. This remarkable feature not only allows you to seamlessly switch music genres, replace instruments, but also enables the removal of vocals from any track.

“Zero-Shot Unsupervised and Text-Based Audio Editing Using DDPM Inversion” by Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, showcases groundbreaking techniques. The research highlights zero-shot editing via DDPM inversion on pre-trained models, unlocking a world where modifying signals doesn’t require prior examples.

These advancements, initially inspired by the image editing domain, now empower users to execute text-based edits and discover new, unsupervised ways to manipulate audio. This spells a new era in music editing, offering a plethora of musically significant alterations like adjusting instrument participation and melody improvisation.

For those intrigued, the source code and accompanying research paper delve deeper into the tech behind this innovative editing tool.

  • Check out the source code here.
  • Explore the full paper here.

Ready to revolutionize how you edit audio? Start your journey with ZETA today at Hugging Face: ZETA Audio Editor.
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