1. Blaze AI

Blaze AI

  1. Genie
    • Text-to-3D model creation in under 10 seconds.
    • Transform ideas into tangible 3D objects effortlessly.
    • Explore at http://lumalabs.ai/genie


  1. Cognosys 2.0
    • Easily create and run complicated tasks.
    • Make things simpler with clear instructions.
    • Learn more at http://cognosys.ai

Cognosys 2.0

  1. Perplexity AI
    • A no-cost tool for detailed research on any subject.
    • Use it anywhere, on your phone, or computer.
    • Find out more at http://perplexity.ai

Perplexity AI

  1. Bland AI Turbo
    • Elevates phone interactions with human-like AI at conversational speed.
    • Explore at http://bland.ai/turbo

Bland AI Turbo

  1. PlayHT
    • Turn text into realistic voice in many languages and accents.
    • Learn more at http://play.ht


  1. Playground AI
    • See how your ideas become cool pictures without any hassle.
    • This tool makes it simple and fast to make your words look amazing with eye-catching images.
    • Check it out at http://playgroundai.com

Playground AI

  1. Dora


  1. Canva Magic Studio
    • Make designing faster and more creative with smart tools.
    • Take your designs to the next level with Canva Magic Studio.
    • Check it out at http://canva.com

Canva Magic Studio

  1. Otter AI
    • Makes handling meetings easy.
    • Easily write down what’s said in both face-to-face and online meetings.
    • Record meetings anywhere, working with Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.
    • Find out more at http://otter.ai

Otter AI