Discover Strabo, your go-to free portfolio tracker and personal finance tool, inspired by Notion. Effortlessly track, manage, and forecast your finances, from cash and stocks to crypto and property. Enjoy the flexibility of customizable and configurable pages, perfect for sharing with our enthusiastic community. Dive into a smarter financial future with Strabo.
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Strabo logo: A modern, minimalist logo with the word “Strabo” in bold letters, representing the free portfolio tracker and personal finance tool.

Dashboard screenshot: A snapshot of Strabo’s user interface, displaying an overview of financial information, including cash, stocks, crypto, and property.

Customizable pages: A screenshot showcasing the flexibility of Strabo’s pages, allowing users to personalize and configure their financial tracking experience.

Community sharing: A group of people collaborating on a Strabo page, symbolizing the enthusiastic community sharing feature that enables users to connect and exchange financial insights.

Cash management: An image representing Strabo’s ability to track and manage cash, including income, expenses, and budgeting.

Stock portfolio tracking: A visual representation of Strabo’s ability to monitor and analyze stock investment performance, providing real-time data and analytics.

Cryptocurrency tracking: A screenshot illustrating how Strabo allows users to keep track of their cryptocurrency investments, capturing market trends and performance metrics.

Property management: An image showcasing Strabo’s capabilities in managing and forecasting property investments, providing tools to track property values and rental income.

Official Website