You can create this Relaxing video in 3.5 minutes

Here’s how to do it using AI:

Relaxing video

Step 1: Generate Prompts for Images

  1. Go to ChatGpt and describe your dream scene - a serene beach, nature, relaxing, a cozy cabin, anything and have ChatGPT write prompts for you.
  2. Copy the prompt you like.

use ChatGPT to generate prompts for images

Step 2: Generate Images

  • Head over to Leonardo Ai and paste the prompt you got from ChatGPT.
  • Choose your favorite image, and download it.

Generate images by midjourney or Leonardo

Step 3: Transform Image to Video

  • Go to runwayml and upload your midjourney creation and watch it come alive in seconds!
  • You can either use image-to-video or also play with motion brush.
  • Extend the video if needed, tweak it till you’re in love.

Transform Image to Video

Export the video and watch the magic unfold.

You have just created a Serene Relaxing Video effortlessly.

Final output