Discover the power of AI in squashing web app bugs before they reach your users! Simply supply your website’s URL to our intelligent AI agent, and watch as it expertly navigates what needs testing, crafts precise test cases, and ensures they remain up-to-date. Seamlessly execute these tests through our convenient app or integrate them directly into your CI/CD pipeline for streamlined quality assurance.
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AI-powered bug detection and prevention tool in action, scanning a website URL

Close-up of an AI agent navigating and testing a web app for bugs

Screenshot of the AI agent crafting precise test cases for web app testing

A user seamlessly executing tests on a web app through the convenient app interface

Integration of the AI agent into a CI/CD pipeline for automated quality assurance

AI agent ensuring up-to-date test cases for ongoing bug detection on a web app

Web app interface displaying enhanced bug tracking with AI-powered tools

Official Website